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STC Trading with One Stop Warehouse

One stop warehouse is one of the largest STC trading agents in Australia, our professional STC team will offer you quick and reliable STC trading service.

Trading Platforms

GreenDeal™ is All-In-One solar platform offering you the following services all in one convenient place: STC Trading, Job Management, Job Scheduling, CEC Installer Checklist, Service Job Management etc, all your solar needs are in one place now.

Choose one of the fixed price solutions below to benefit from, which will bring you peace of mind that you will be getting the best price at the time.

Trading Process

We use Green Deal as our STC trading platform. To make STC trading process simpler and easier, we divide it into 6 main steps : Register, Create , Assign, Lodge, Wait and Credit/Cash. These 6 steps are designed to streamline a series of complicated procedures in terms of STC trading, so as to help you save your STC trading time and accelerate the whole process.


Please visit to create an account, alternatively, please contact our STC team to help you create an account (please get your company name, ABN or ACN and email address ready).


Create a new STC job on GreenDeal and fill in the installation details including job summary, installation address, system information, installer and every necessary part before installation.


The job can be assigned to one of the installers that you trust once you add them into your installer list, then your installer could finish the rest of the job (panel serial number scanning, signature capturing, ESC or COC picture uploading) onsite with GreenDeal Installer App (available on App Store or Google Play).


After the job is finished by your installer, it is ready to submit to the STC team via GreenDeal. Once lodged, the STC team will notify you the progress or current status of the particular job.


Our STC team will finish processing your jobs in 18 hrs.


Your credit/cash will be ready after the STC is processed.

STC cash trade

We recognise that there are times when companies simply wish to take the current STC price and convert it to cash (at a discounted rate). With one the most competitive STC prices on the market today we recognise the logic in this option, particularly for those who are primarily focused on generating cash to fund the next job. At the end of the day, logic always prevails.

STC credit trade

This solution was developed to provide customers with the opportunity to trade STC’s for equipment and streamline the whole procurement process. Dealing with one company for all of your solar needs simply makes sense. We are an experienced distributor with a wide range of quality products and packages. You will have the perfect solution to manage your stock needs.

Trading Information

For cash trade, cash will be paid into your account once your STC job got REC Registry's approval.(Normally, 7 days from you received the qualification notice from STC team. Can be up to 4 weeks depends on REC arrangement.) Or in the case of equipment, your account will be credited in 1 - 3 business days.

    How will your equipment STC’s be allocated?
  • STC’s will be allocated first to the oldest outstanding invoice if you are a terms customer.
  • Or to balance of orders where the deposit has been paid.
  • Remaining STC will remain as a credit on the account until it can be allocated to new orders where the deposit has been paid.
  • If you would like your STC’s allocated to a particular order, then please notify customer service in writing via email to .