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  • Australian farmers making the move to renewables

    Rooftop Solar Solar Farm Solar Panels

    Farmers are constantly looking for ways to do things better. The innovative ways some of our primary producers are making use of renewable energy means that growing our food and raising our animals will become both cheaper and cleaner, ensuring Australia remains a global leader in agriculture. Clean energy is helping to pave the way for more independence and prosperity for our farmers long into the future. Advances in technology mean that we can do everything we could before, and in some cases, a bit extra – and the only thing we have to give up is the pollution.

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  • New Guidelines for Battery Products

    Battery Storage renewable energy Smart Energy

    A new best practice electrical safety guide for battery systems will give consumers increased confidence about the quality of the products that are being installed in their homes and businesses.

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    Queensland the big winner under Energy Australia power cuts

    Energy Australia has joined rivals AGL and Origin Energy by cutting electricity prices in the National Electricity Market. The price cuts mostly affected customers in Queensland, who will see a 3.8 per cent reduction for households and a 7 per cent cut for businesses. Prices in NSW, the ACT and South Australia were unchanged. The announcement comes at a time when the spotlight is firmly on electricity retailers’ business practices following last week’s release of a damning report by the Australian Energy Market Commission. Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg continued to threaten retailers with further regulation over the weekend, saying that the government would be open to any recommendations made by the upcoming Australian Competition and Consumer Commission report into the retail electricity market.

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  • Risen Energy starts construction of Yarranlea Solar Farm in May

    renewable energy Solar Farm

    Construction activity has started at the site of what will be the 121- megawatt Yarranlea Solar Farm, west of Toowoomba in Queensland. Yarranlea Solar Farm will be developed in four stages and once completed, the project will generate enough electricity to supply the energy needs of the equivalent of up to 32,000 homes.

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  • Solar road provides a vision of the future in China

    China Solar Panels

    A kilometre-long solar road has been installed in the Chinese city of Jinan as the country looks to take a leading role in the global energy transition. The road uses 5875 square metres of solar panels that are installed under a glass-like surface that replaces more traditional asphalt. While the concept of solar roads is still in its infancy – with issues such as cost and durability preventing their widespread adoption – a number of countries around the world are investigating the technology, with the Netherlands installing a solar footpath in 2014 and Japan planning to install solar roads as part of its commitment to make the 2020 Tokyo Olympics environmentally sustainable.

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  • Mars goes 100% solar for all six Australian factories

    renewable energy Solar Farm Smart Energy

    Mars Australia is going 100 per cent renewables, and will source all the power for its six Australian factories and two offices from a 200MW solar farm in Victoria.

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  • Redeployable solar system could replace diesel generators

    renewable energy Smart Energy

    Pop-up mobile solar PV could soon replace diesel generators as temporary power supply for military operations, disaster relief efforts and music festivals, thanks to an Australian-made innovation.

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  • Record year for solar and renewables, but still not fast enough

    renewable energy Smart Energy Solar PV

    A record amount of solar capacity and renewable power was installed across the world in 2017 – as the cost of both wind and solar became competitive with fossil fuels – but it still is not enough, a major new report has found.

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