How solar saved the day, and coal wilted, in Australia’s record heatwaves

27 February, 2019

A new report has emphasised just how much rooftop and large-scale solar are delaying and shaving peak demand on the Australian grid, and how much coal-fired power generation continues to let the side down – just when it’s needed the most.

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100% renewables can be reached quickly, but it needs a plan

19 February, 2019

University researches and academics do not typically move this quickly: the cadence of their work is usually dictated by the need for detailed analysis, papers and conference presentations.

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Northern Territory launches $5 million Rooftop Solar Schools program

02 January, 2019

As part of its Roadmap to Renewables Plan and transition to 50% renewable energy by 2030, the NT government is set to roll out rooftop solar on up to 25 schools across the state over the next three years.

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Oxfam Australia : 100% Renewables, No New Coal

20 December, 2018

Oxfam has warned Australia is at risk of falling even further behind in the climate change battle, isolating it from its neighbours in the region.

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